Step 3: Finding a Realtor part III

Anthony Pierpont

Anthony Pierpont

Second you want someone to go that extra mile for you.   Anyone can open a door and show you a home but everyone will not give you a market analysis of homes that have sold in that area in the past year so you can know what you are buying is in the market price and not overpriced.  Not everyone will send you listings that have become available on a regular basis?  Finally a good Realtor will know what is coming on the market and let you know about these before they become available.  I have also seen these homes sold before they hit the market and if it is a good enough deal they will sell before anyone else sees them.

Finally you want to know how much experience they have.  That is easy just have the Realtor show you how many listings they have or you can look that up on their company website.   Also ask how many homes they sold last year.  Trust me they will be happy to tell you because Realtors love to market themselves especially if they are successful.

So now you are finally ready to find that great home you always wanted.  You have your preapproval letter from your lender, and you have found your Realtor to represent you.  The next article we will talk about finding your area which you probably already know.  Finding a good Realtor and the area you want to live are both done simultaneously and the Realtor can help with that also.  That is why I did not put it before this little fun article.


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