Step 3 : Finding a Realtor part I

Anthony Pierpont
Anthony Pierpont

Anthony Pierpont

So far we know that it is a good time to buy.  You have been to your lender and know how much you can spend and have that very important preapproval letter, now it is time to take the next step and find a Real Estate Agent to represent you.  Now if you are new to this blog I would suggest that you read the other postings before this,” Is This a Good Time to Buy”, and “The Mortgage”.  I always think it is best when you do things in order.  But then that is just me.

As a buyer I would never suggest you try to represent yourself when buying a home for three reasons.  First you do not have the training when it comes to the legalities of purchasing a home.  Two you in most cases do not know the neighborhood or the market in that neighborhood.  Third it cost you nothing to employ that Real Estate Agent as a buyer as the seller takes up the cost of commissions.

The best way to find a Real Estate Agent is to go to open houses in the neighborhood that you might buy in.  Realtors do open houses yes to sell that home, but also to meet new clients.  When a Realtor list a home for sale they also expect to get at least two new customers from that sale and they get them from the open house.


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