Selling your home: Part III

Anthony Pierpont

Selling your home

Next as I stated before it is now time to clean, clean, clean.  Nothing will keep a home on the market longer than if it is dirty and smells bad.  With buyers you may only have one time to make an impression.  If the carpets are old and torn it may be the time to change them but do it inexpensively.  Next your walls may need a new coat of paint to brighten up the home for when buyers come in.  Both of these things can be done without breaking the bank.

Also have your realtor or stager be honest with you if they smell any pet odors.  You don’t want people to stop at the door because they smell something unpleasant.  There are ways you can sanitize your home and make it smell better.  One thing Realtors do when having an open house is to bake cookies while people are there looking at your home.  Nothing says home like a fresh batch of chocolate cookies.

Finally don’t forget the outside.  Curb appeal that is the first impression people have of a home.  Keep the grass cut and the hedges trimmed.  Plant some flowers and make your home look appealing from the first time the buyers pull up.  If you have a good stager they can help you with this too.  I have even seen them bring flowers to help spruce up the front.  If you have already moved out of the home and getting back once a week to cut grass is not feasible ask your realtor or the stager if they know someone who will do this for you while the home is on the market.

So now you have gotten rid of all the clutter.  Remember when selling your home less is more.  You have cleaned sanitized and made your home smell nice.  There is curb appeal with the trimmed hedges and cut grass.  The only thing left to do is price your home right and sell it.  Good Luck and hopefully we will see you soon.


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