“Is it a good time to buy a home?” pt. I

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Anthony Pierpont

Purchasing a Home with Anthony Pierpont

The question I am asked most today is, “Is it a good time to buy a home?”  In fact before the Great Recession that was the most asked question too.  The answer to that question during both periods is yes.  But I am not the only one to think this way.  Recently Fannie Mae, the government backed bank that does FHA and VA loans, took a poll.  That poll revealed 81% of Americans still think home ownership is the best investment they can make.  Then there is Warren Buffet.  He is undoubtedly the best investor of our time.  When asked about the stock market in a CNBC interview he turned it to Real Estate and said if he could buy 1000 single family homes he would.  He then went out and purchased 3 Real Estate Brokerages.


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